Sunday, April 12, 2015

Placida, FL 2

went for a 2nd bike ride of the day, this morning I forgot my Mavica, so went out again. Beautiful evening. I’m riding a beautiful 45 year old Montgomery Wards Hawthorne bicycle I picked up from a nice elderly couple at a very reasonable price to use while I am in Florida visiting my mom.

MVC-010S (3)

MVC-011S (3)

MVC-013S (3)

MVC-014S (3)

MVC-015S (3)

MVC-016S (3)

MVC-017S (3)

MVC-018S (3)

MVC-019S (2)

MVC-020S (2)

MVC-022S (2)

MVC-023S (2)

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